Real Mind3® Testimonials

Here I have collected some testimonials from people who have been and still are using Mind3®

 to solve problems, improve themselves, and achieve their goals. I hope they inspire you.

Silvia, 45

“I used to suffer from insomnia. I slept badly, I woke up often during the night, I was restless, and I had a lot of trouble falling asleep again; and even when I fell asleep, my sleep was still light and restless. Just one session of Mind3® completely freed me from insomnia. Now I sleep soundly and don’t wake up until the alarm goes off!”

Claudio, 38

“I couldn’t get on a plane. If I had a work assignment abroad, I tried at all costs to avoid flying and go by train or car. In addition to costing me an absurd amount of time, this was killing my career because I was precluded from international trade shows. And when I was forced to get on a plane to go on vacation, after exhausting negotiations with my family, a sense of dread tormented me from the day we booked it to the day we left and then for the duration of the vacation. And the plane ride itself was practically a state of uninterrupted panic. One single session of Mind3® and now I fly peacefully and calmly. I fly regularly for work and, most importantly, I enjoy my vacations!”

Marco, 34

“My problem was migraines. I had headaches, I don’t know how many years. I did all the neurological tests out there, but I was never diagnosed with anything physical. I looked for the causes of my migraines but couldn’t find any; they would appear without warning, and the only thing I could do was close myself up in a dark room for a day, sometimes even two days. When I started the sessions with Mind3®, we were working first on a symptomatic level. For about a month my headaches disappeared, and more importantly, I did not have any acute migraine attacks. After a month, however, they returned. Then I had another session. Again, the headaches disappeared for two weeks, then came back. I was frustrated, of course, but also motivated, because up to then Mind3® had been the most effective ‘remedy’ of all. So I had more remote sessions. Thanks to this process I discovered very deep things about myself and my life, and I got rid of several other problems that seemingly had nothing to do with headaches. In all, I had about ten sessions, maybe twelve. The last one was the decisive one. We found out that the problem was with my teeth! Since then, it’s been over a year, and my headaches are gone.

Simona, 48

“I used to suffer from severe food cravings. My relationship with food was stressful. I ate compulsively, and this behavior led me to a perpetual state of anxiety, frustration, and anger. With just one Mind3® session, I solved my problem with food cravings. Now I feel much more serene and in balance in my relationship with food.”

Simone, 46

“I have suffered since I was eighteen from a severe form of dissociation known as derealization. This is a terrible state of loss of your sense of reality. This situation has affected my entire life. I tried every kind of remedy, from prescriptions to natural and homeopathic medicine. I achieved some results, but from time to time this terrible condition would suddenly reappear, causing panic attacks and states of depression. I felt powerless because this type of disease is not only ‘incurable’ but, at present, practically incomprehensible. I came to Mind3® out of despair. In five sessions, I completely overcame this condition to which I thought I had been condemned for life. I can hardly believe it even now: I am finally living my life!”

Beatrice, 18

“I used to get bad grades on tests and quizzes in math and physics. Despite studying for hours every day, and despite dozens of hours of private tutoring, I was never able to keep up. This made me more and more anxious every time I had to take a math test. Two Mind3® sessions solved my problem. I started doing better in both subjects, and by the end of the year I had a C+ in physics and a B in math. If things had kept going the way they were that first semester, I am pretty sure I would have failed both.”

Luca, 38

“I couldn’t hit a decent backhand in tennis. I just couldn’t do it. I felt stuck, I felt awkward, I didn’t understand the movement. Hours and hours of lessons and nothing. I just couldn’t learn it. I felt like this was not me, this guy who didn’t get it, or who didn’t train enough, or who wasn’t concentrating enough. I felt like it wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t do it, but it was just like when you can’t draw or you’re off-key and you don’t know why. It was so frustrating! I did a Mind3® session, and during that experience I had the very strange feeling of having trouble rotating my body, which is a key movement in tennis. I clearly experienced this feeling not only in the Biographical Matrix, but also in the Transpersonal Matrices. It was…it was freaky. Well, since then, I’ve finally been able to hit my backhand! I didn’t turn into Wawrinka, of course, but now I feel that the technical movement is correct and that my limits are related to my skill, my talent, which I will develop by playing and practicing. That’s all up to me, but it wasn’t up to me before!”

Gianfranco, 46

“I’d been wanting to learn English for years. But I couldn’t. I had a hard time remembering the words and the rules and the pronunciation. I was so embarrassed. This caused me a lot of trouble at work, because I couldn’t translate articles and professional development material. I avoided traveling abroad, and I was unable to respond to tourists visiting my city when they asked me for information. After just one session, I was able to free myself from the blockage of learning English. Now I study regularly, I can speak without embarrassment, I understand correctly, and I keep improving.”

Mario, 26

“I couldn’t finish my degree. I felt that I was lagging behind, which made me even more anxious and demotivated. I felt like I just couldn’t do it. I first came to Mind3® on a friend’s recommendation. I went to a presentation and then attended some group sessions. Mind3® made me work on my lack of self-esteem first. That transpersonal-level work unlocked something deep inside me. I gained more confidence in myself. I felt more motivated and more…positive. I did other group sessions where I worked on both the symptomatic level (the problem to be solved was ‘I can’t graduate’) and the causal level. Now I’m taking my exams regularly. I’m three classes away from graduating. It’s practically done.”

Valentina, 35

“I’d always wanted to go to India, but there was always something stopping me: I didn’t have enough money, I didn’t have enough time, I was stuck in my routine, I was afraid of new experiences. Through a series of sessions, I activated the energies of superconscious self-fulfillment, which allowed me to really move forward toward my goal. I did the trip, and thanks to that, I took a further step toward my fulfillment.”

Alba, 70

“My problem was anxiety. I always lived my life in a frenzy—go, go, go, as if I were afraid to stop. We worked on this and discovered that the spiritual cause lay in my fear of death. The first session solved the problem: from that moment on, I really felt at peace with life. I stopped, I relaxed, I started to see things with serenity and peace. And I began to read spirituality books and to explore, without any anxiety, themes about God and eternity. Since I retired, I’ve been volunteering for various organizations. And now, thanks to my own peace, I can bring even more peace and joy to other people. I realized that’s what I was created to do here.”