“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

About the Author

My name is Simone Bedetti. Over more than twenty-five years, I have studied hundreds of techniques for personal growth and published over 1000 books as a publisher.

I am, therefore, a philosopher and a publisher. As a philosopher, my field of specialization concerns the relationship between mind and spirit and between the physical and metaphysical dimensions.


My personal growth path began in the early nineties, with the practice of yoga and meditation as well as a closer look at deep psychology and transpersonal psychology.


For over twenty-five years I have been an author in the fields of personal growth, spirituality, and well-being. In 2009 I founded the publishing house Area51 Publishing, whose publications—books, audiobooks, ebooks, video courses—are rich in multimedia content, with particular attention to audio. They are designed to provide readers with the best tools for their personal growth.


In 2018 I started to promote Mind3®, the method of personal growth that I developed after many years of research and experimentation and that I also consider the result of the daily work I do with Area51 Publishing in the search for the most effective tools for self-transformation, self-healing, and self-fulfillment

Some of my other publications

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Mind3® for Overcoming the Fear of Flying

Mind3® for Overcoming the Fear of Pigeons and Other Birds

Mind3® for Overcoming Panic Attacks

Mind3® for Overcoming Agoraphobia

Mind3® for Overcoming Claustrophobia

Mind3®: Transpersonal Release Induction®

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The Law of Attraction and Resistance to Change

The Law of Attraction and Prayer

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Steve Jobs: The Visionary and Creative Genius of Our Time